The driver who killed Michele Scarponi joined him in heaven.

The driver who killed Michele Scarponi joined him in heaven.

Giuseppe Giacconi had in his hands the fate of Michele Scarponi. On April 22nd, 2017, in a bright sunny morning that seemed to dispel the threat of tragedy, he cut off the rider of the Astana team in the outskirts of Filottrano in central Italy, only a few kilometres from his home where his wife Anna and two little twins Giacomo and Tommaso were waiting for him.

But who had Giuseppe Giacconi's death in his hands so that he would die ten months after the rider's death? The sun, which was the risky pretext for Giuseppe Giacconi's defense, the driver of the construction truck who refused Michele Scarponi's priority, was not for long the fake culprit of having blinded him at the time of the collision.

The 58-year-old bricklayer had finally confessed, some time after, watching a video on his smartphone when his vehicle hit the 37-year-old runner in the middle of his training session. He died instantly, while a few months later, the person who took his life away from him, joined him as a result of cancer triggered by the psychological problems he suffered as a result of the accident and its irreversible consequences, leaving his wife Daniela and a daughter, Christina.

The two men who collided head-on together in a place probably wrapped in a softness opposite to the shock that brought them together. A cycling star and a bricklayer had a common history that only the afterlife and its mysteries can interpret. The irresponsible nature of one had a collateral effect on the life of the other, but their cross karmas had no doubt premeditated the date of their disappearance without worrying about our future sadness.



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