Make cycling safe in Vancouver

Make cycling safe in Vancouver

The City of Vancouver is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in North America. It has an extensive bicycle network that is well used by residents and visitors, as well as one of the highest cycling mode shares among major North American cities.

Many Vancouver residents use their bicycle for transportation, recreation, and to complete day-to-day trips. Cycling is an important and growing form of transportation within the City. According to the 2016 Canadian National Household Survey, cycling accounts for approximately 4.4% of all trips to work in the City.

Although more and more people in Vancouver are choosing to cycle each year, a number of real and perceived barriers may be preventing some residents from cycling. Cycling may not always be perceived as the most practical method of transportation due to challenges in finding direct routes, interaction with motor vehicle traffic, uncomfortable infrastructure, lack of convenient and secure bicycle parking, and the influence of weather and topography. Additionally, societal perceptions and attitudes towards cycling may discourage some people from cycling.

Critical role of cycling

The City of Vancouver recognizes the critical role that cycling can play in creating green and livable communities. Developing a safe, convenient, and comfortable bicycle network can attract more residents and visitors to cycle for a range of purposes. The City aspires to become the greenest city in the world by 2020.

The Greenest City Action Plan sets a target that over half of all trips in the City will be made on foot, bicycle or public transit by 2020. The City’s Transportation Plan, Transportation 2040, builds upon this goal with a target that twothirds of all trips by 2040 will be made by walking, cycling or transit. Transportation 2040 also sets a target to work towards zero traffic-related fatalities, and places a special emphasis on safety for vulnerable road users.


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