Home-Trainer, Winter Companion

Home-Trainer, Winter Companion

You certainly did not miss this, the end of December and the beginning of January are particularly difficult in terms of weather conditions. There is nothing like this to discourage the valiant cyclists that we are, because even if the motivation is there, it's difficult to get the bike out under the snow, or when temperatures reach -5°, even in the middle of the day.

The bike in the living room

Fortunately, it is always possible to train thanks to the home-trainer. In fact, the home trainer simply allows you to train indoors, in the dry, and especially with your own bike. It is this characteristic that makes it successful.

It is indeed much more interesting for the experienced cyclist to train on his usual road bike. Compared to a conventional home bike, the home-trainer allows you to maintain your position and optimize your pedal stroke.

Power rather than heartbeats

The home-trainer power display is a considerable advantage for targeted training. As we know, heart rate measurement is often very precise, but subject to many hazards: shape, digestion, or mental can affect your heart rate.

On the contrary, the power measurement is completely neutral. This measurement is therefore particularly interesting on home trainer, where the training conditions are special. Often practiced in the garage or living room, you suffer from the heat and the fact that the bike remains completely fixed.

What kind of training?

Let's talk about home-trainer training. This is a vast subject, often debated in cycling forums, and no one has the exact answer. If for some people, the home-trainer is first and foremost a way to turn your legs when the weather is capricious, it is for me a tool dedicated to quality training.
I use it mainly in winter, a season during which the home-trainer allows me to work on strength, velocity and rhythm, so as not to know the famous "diesel" effect.

During the season, even in summer, I continue to use the home-trainer for very specific and rhythmic sessions, which it is difficult to achieve fully on the road.



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