A little bit of Mountain Bike for recovery

A little bit of Mountain Bike for recovery

At the end of January, it's time to get back on the bike, but the cold climate is not always very motivating. So to get back on the road, there's nothing like to vary the activities: running, swimming, but also mountain biking. And yes, even for a road racer, mountain biking is a good way to resume physical activity after the end of the season break...

Working at heart rate

For my part, I discovered this "annex" activity through the cyclo-cross that I practiced in winter on my old mountain bike, for lack of better equipment. I quickly got caught up in the game, and two years ago I started out on a few mountain bike rides with friends. These good times prompted me to invest in a real mountain bike last winter.
It was a good time, my coach was going to offer me off-road trips early in the preparation...

You have to say, mountain biking is physical! You don't have to drive on hilly terrain to see it. Earth, mud, pebbles, sand, here are just a few of the elements that greatly slow down your progress and encourage you to press the pedals. As a result, the heart rises very quickly, especially when you come out of a cut.

Contrary to popular belief, it is advisable to raise the heart in small doses during the recovery. This avoids above all the "diesel" effect, well known to runners who have abused basic endurance rides.

A little fun to start the season

Mountain biking is more fun than road biking. The big kids that we are love playing in the mud and making uncontrolled slips. The all-terrain combined these qualities, and allows you to visit its region differently than by road. Woods, fields or dirt roads can change training habits.

The revival in mountain biking is also a good opportunity to share moments of cycling with non-cycling friends. Even if the difference in level is important, it is still possible to have fun while working out.


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