Tom Simpson's world champion jersey

Tom Simpson's world champion jersey

Tom Simpson won the world road championships on 5 September 1965 in San Sebastian in the heart of the Basque country. By beating the German Rudi Altig in a sprint, Simpson became a legend in British cycling.

It is generally said that the World Road Championship jersey inhibits rather than transcends when worn. A month after his world championship title, Simpson won the Tour of Lombardy, the fourth classic of his career.

But the world champion's jersey did not bring him luck in 1966. Only one time trial victory in the 4 days of Dunkerque, a meagre record for a rider of the British class. 

Leader of the Peugeot team in the Tour de France, Simpson distinguished himself by finishing 2nd of two successive stages in the 12th and 13th. Unfortunately, the Englishman did not finish the Tour de France. During the 16th stage, he escaped in the Galibier but was victim of a severe crash in the descent. He was forced to abandon the race.

He was one of the favourites for the tour according to the British press. Back on his bike too quickly after his retirement in the tour, Simpson is now riding in criteriums. He arrived tired to defend his world title on the famous Nurburgring circuit in Germany. He didn't even finish the race, exhausted by cramps. This rainbow jersey didn't bring him all the success he had hoped for.


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