The Trofeo Senza Fine awaits in Rome the Giro 101 Champion

The Trofeo Senza Fine awaits in Rome the Giro 101 Champion

The Rinascente in Via del Tritone, Rome, will be the custodian from today and for the following month of the Trofeo Senza Fine, destined to the overall winner of the Giro d’Italia, which will end in Rome on 27 May. At the presence of Rome Head of Sport, Youth and Events, Daniele Frongia, the countdown that will mark how much time is missing until the end of the race and the celebration of the winner of the Giro 101 has started.

Mr Frongia said: “The countdown has begun for another world-class event that will see the city of Rome reaffirm its position as the center of major international sporting events. I am, of course, talking about the final stage of the 101st Giro d’Italia that will take place on the streets of the Eternal City on 27 May. Today it was a great thrill to see the Trofeo Senza Fine that in exactly one month will be passed to the hands of the winner of the Corsa Rosa, one of the most important international cycling events. I invite all citizens to head down to the streets and to support the champions, to enjoy a unique moment of sport, and enjoy what is a valuable piece of Italian and global heritage – an event that attracts fans from all over the world.

Also exhibited in the Rinascente, next to the Trofeo Senza Fine, is the Giro 2018 Official Poster, designed by the American artist Derek Gores, famous for his collage portraits on canvas.

Gores said: “For the Giro d’Italia, it was a thrill to capture the victory celebration, using hundreds of small moments… the beautiful race landscapes; the fan photos; the statistics; jerseys; the details that show the blood, sweat and tears of determination to win that glorious trophy. The project was an absolute honor, and I hope to witness the race spectacle in person one day!


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