Cycling after 40 years old

Cycling after 40 years old

Can I make progress on my bike past my 40s? Whether we start from 0 or almost, apart from the professional runners who have their best years behind them, why not consider raising your level and having fun after 40 years old? Of course it's possible to get there...

You can always improve regardless of your age

After a certain age, we have a few little worries that the young people don't have it : tendons that harden, we are no longer able to carry a gearshift like that, without getting warmed up long or stretching afterwards. Even if you see relatively young athletes having cardio-vascular accidents at 40 years old, when you start cycling again and you want to do it a little bit seriously, it's still better to do a stress test on your bike.

Every year on Mont Ventoux here in France, a place of pilgrimage for cycling enthusiasts who are more or less well prepared for some, we have cyclists who have cardiovascular accidents. I saw it again last year so be careful when you start the sport again!

One of the secrets when you want to resume sport and progress past a certain age is regularity and patience!

You don't have to be in a hurry and want to go as they say faster than the music... Your body reacts more slowly, but it still reacts when you train after 40 years old. If you have a progressive training load, there is no problem your body continues to react and the phenomenon of overcompensation still exists.

You are limited by certain physical factors: the maximum heart rate in particular, but for everything else, your body is always able to adapt to the effort and improve over time.


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